Pleased to be re-opening our doors, we will be asking for your cooperation in new protocols as based on those recommended by SHA, and subject to change without notice.

-Maximum of 3 members in the lobby at one time.
-Stand on Markers on floor.
-Members will also be told that if they show signs of sickness, they will be asked to leave.
-Members are encouraged to do any business outside the office that they can. That includes still using online services, ATM, E-transfers and Night Deposit.
- Lending, Wealth and Account Opening: We will allow members in the office by appointment only, though anything that can be done remotely (over the phone and via email) is to be encouraged.
-We will maintain rotational staffing.
-Please be patient with our staff, we try to work as quickly and efficiently as possible, with half the staff in the building it may take longer to process transactions.