Please be advised that CEBA was originally rolled out in April 2020, to members operating business accounts.  This has been evolved to CEBA 4.0, which will allow members without a business account to apply in certain circumstances.  This pre-qualifying link is something such members are encouraged to use, in order to determine eligibility to open a business account, a requirement to apply for CEBA 4.0, and as such members are strongly encouraged to complete this pre-qualifying questionnaire before proceeding to apply via the CEBA application.  NOTE: if/when the pre-qualifier is completed, we would ask you to record the track record number, as that would ease the process going forward.


(Pre-qualifying link) Needs to be opened in Google Chrome.


To learn more about the CEBA program, visit the Government of Canada’s CEBA Website


Please note: It will take approximately 10-15 business days to receive funds. The processing time commences once your application form and all required supporting documentation are received by the Government of Canada.