All members with MemberDirect access can view their monthly statements online.
Perks to signing today:
• Convenient and flexible – look at your statement on your own time, when you are on MemberDirect.
• Faster delivery – no more waiting for your statements to arrive in the mail
• Accessible storage – your past statements will be stored on line for 18 months
• Reduce your personal clutter
• Save paper and help the environment. Come into the branch or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to convert to paper statements.
• Receive a monthly email letting you know when your statement is available to view.
• Log in to Turtleford Online Banking
• Under ‘My Accounts” click on the ‘View e-Statements’ tab on the blue menu bar on the left side of the screen.
• Click the ‘Click here to download your statement’ link that is located following the introductory text.
• Select the statement you wish from the list of available statement dates.

Your financial information has the same level of security as your online banking.
▪ MemberDirect® Online Banking has enhanced online security features turned on.
▪ Added security tips for those using public or shared computers:
•If you choose to open and view your e-Statement, be sure to clear the temporary internet files on your internet browser (available under the 'Tools' menu, then Internet Options on Internet Explorer) and log off Memb erDirect® Online Banking before leaving the computer.
•If you choose to temporarily save your e-Statement, be sure to delete the saved PDF files, clear the Recycling Bin, and log off MemberDirect® Online Banking before leaving the computer.
•To protect your personal information: Do not write your Personal Access Number (PAN) and Personal Access Code (PAC) down or save this information within a document on your computer.